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You're applying to the Home Energy Retrofit program.
In order to apply, you must have already completed your pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation and received your Renovation Upgrade Report (PDF) and your Homeowner Information Sheet (PDF) from your energy advisor.

You must be the owner of the home where the EnerGuide pre-retrofit evaluation was conducted.

If you have not yet undertaken your pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation and require assistance, please click here to find a service organization that serves your area. You can learn more about EnerGuide energy efficiency home evaluations here.

For more information about the Home Energy Retrofit program, read our Program Guide.

 Make sure you have the following information handy:
  • Your 14-digit Manitoba Hydro account number.
  • Your EnerGuide Renovation Upgrade Report and Homeowner Information Sheet.

Sample RUR

Sample HOIS

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